Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957, Roger Corman)

I’ve seen better Roger Corman movies, yet I still enjoyed Attack of the Crab Monsters in all it’s cheesy, dated Cold War creatures glory. The actual crab creatures look quite freaky, actually, and I think they possessed psychic powers. Anyways a group of potential victims, I mean, scientists, show up to do research and find out what happened to the previous team that landed on the island. 10 bucks says you can figure out what happened to them, and that the party is in big trouble.

One cool thing about this flick is that the island is slowly sinking into the ocean and decaying around the characters. That makes this movie one of those time sensitive bottle episode type deals, and it seems that many sci-fi and horror films of the era were keen on those. Probably since they saved on budget and location costs, yet also since they are effective story plots. Even though this is an alright movie at best I wasn’t left bored and the creature effects were neat. Viewed thanks to Crackle, which I use from time to time since it’s free with ads.

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