Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Mosquito (1994, Gary Jones)

Perhaps if Mosquito had been made in a different decade I would have actually found it to be a good movie, yet I don’t think that really matters. Parts of this movie are effective and entertaining, other aspects are too dumb and goofy to be worthy of recommendation, and the rest is a mixed bag of B-movie horror and creature feature. The characters aren’t half bad, yet they would be paper thin even for a slasher movie. The creature effects are pretty solid and it was nice to see practical effects, something that has since gone the way of the dinosaur in Hollywood outside of some low budget movies. Even those employ CGI and I’m not going to be that old cranky guy ranting about too much CGI yet it was nice when the monsters weren’t so obviously fake looking. The movie also seems to be swerving from scene to scene as if it was a drunk man attempting to drive home when he clearly should have taken a cab. The movie crashes in similar fashion, and yet it’s a gloriously funny mess where no one gets hurt, I guess. In real life anyways, plenty of people die in horrible bug devouring ways. Those mosquito’s were really thirsty for blood.

Gunnar Hansen headlines a cast of other people that I have never heard of before, playing a bank robber who at some point gets to use a chainsaw in which is clearly a nod to his most famous horror movie role. Some of the cast didn’t really stick out in my mind too much, although Steve Dixon was pretty good honestly and Ron Asheton from The Stooges plays a park ranger who is the worst character in the movie. This flick was supposed to be called Blood Fever and that title is much better than Mosquito, really. I was amused that the movie doesn’t bother to have much setup-the mosquitos quickly show up, devour people and hunt down our heroes. I will admit the RV scenes are the movie’s highlight, and as noted I wanted to really enjoy this movie but it’s just too dumb even for me to give a fresh rating too. Skip this and view a better monster movie instead.

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