Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Eat, Brains, Love (2019, Rodman Flender)

The movie Eat, Brains, Love reminds me that I never bothered to watch Eat, Pray, Love. I’m not a big Julia Roberts fan, sorry not sorry folks. However Eat Brains Love is a pretty decent zombie rom-com that has a good amount of gore and bloodshed, so this movie is not for those who don’t want to view zombie violence that is typical of such movies. The cast is young and likable so that’s a plus, and they help out with some of the thinner material. Plus the flick does start a bit slow and the ending is a tad abrupt-perhaps a sequel is on the horizon? I would view a sequel if Rodman Flender does make one, even if sequels usually offer diminishing returns.

Jake and Amanda are two people who are polar opposites that become infected with a zombie virus passed on by sex which leaves the person hungry a lot. Those who catch it only become zombies at certain points due to feeling extreme emotions, although the movie doesn’t really explain that very well in my opinion. They are pursued by a creepy government agency which employs a psychic named Cass, who ends up falling for Jake and starting this weird love triangle between the three people. Jake Cannavale is funny and likable as the male lead, and Angelique Rivera is actually pretty funny as Amanda. Sarah Yarkin is good as Cass and is very relatable, however there are times when I felt that she was acting in a different, more quirky movie than this one.

Apparently this was adapted from a book that I have not read, and I wonder if the filmmakers made any changes or not. The zombie vigilante bits are darkly humorous to me, and I’m surprised that no one to my knowledge thought of that before. While not as good as I was hoping it would be, I still can recommend Eat, Brains, Love, although I will admit I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre and thus was prone to enjoying this type of film, anyways. I’m also amused at those who insist horror comedies can’t be good or a thing in movies when there are so many great and good ones.

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