Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972, Amando de Ossorio)

Here’s what I learned from the cult 1972 classic Tombs of the Blind Dead. The undead Knights Templar ride a lot in slow motion, and it actually looks pretty radical and even a bit creepy despite appearing to be silly. They can’t see at all, yet they can find their victims by hearing their body movements and heartbeats. Some of their victims end up turned into freaky zombie creatures that can only be destroyed by fire. Oh they also are undead monsters that worshipped the Devil and committed virgin blood sacrifices. The Middle Ages were pretty crazy, I guess.

Anyways this is a really good movie, maybe even a near great one. The gore is very effective, the movie is well paced, and the finale is quite violent. Amando de Ossorio helped usher in the Spanish horror movie era, and also spawned multiple sequels, all of which I want to view at some point. I doubt they’re as good as this one, still I can appreciate a series centered around a bunch of sinister Knights Templar riding horses as they murder everyone in the nearest vicinity. Brutal.

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