Horrorfest 2022 Presents: The Giant Claw (1957, Fred F. Sears)

Based on the few movies I’ve seen from Fred Sears I’m starting to enjoy him as a director. His take on 1950s monster movies, The Giant Claw, is a fun one made on an obviously low budget that does the job well and gets out before becoming too routine. You can only show so many “Monster destroys stuff” scenes before people get a little numb to the whole thing. Also this one has a good cast and some well rounded moments as the actors pretend to be attacked by a giant fake creature flying up in the sky.

The Giant Claw is one ugly looking bird, too, and swoops down upon it’s prey with reckless abandon. The bird is always hungry, is thought to be from outer space and will destroy everything in it’s wake. Sears take on the monster genre perhaps lacks the more complex politics of the original Godzilla film and even the style and grace of the original King Kong, however I found it to be better than many of the other 1950s monster movies that came before and after.

The Giant Claw and Q The Winged Serpent would make for a quality double bill, that’s for sure. Cinema in the 1950s sure was tricky for horror movies in that they had to pretend to be only sci-fi so the public would go see them. We are blessed to live in an era where that is not the case although unfortunately we don’t get the opportunity to see a film such as The Giant Claw in a drive in on a late Friday night. Oh well.

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