Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Creature with the Atom Brain (1955, Edward L. Cahn)

This is the first flick in the Cold War Creatures Sam Katzman boxset from Arrow Films Video that I bought at Barnes & Noble early this month. Creature with the Atom Brain is a dated 1950s sci-fi horror movie that I still enjoyed despite the movie being a very 1950s masculine driven affair. I didn’t know any of the actors however I thought many of them gave pretty reliable performances and the plot is wonderfully outrageous!

This all starts because a gangster wants revenge for being imprisoned and then deported to Europe. The mobster enlists a mad scientist to create for him an endless army of zombie atomic corpses that kill and are unstoppable by normal means. He even holds the entire state hostage when the intrepid local police try to stop his evil plans for revenge.

Creature with the Atom Brain has a quality moment when the hero realizes one of his own friends has been turned into a radioactive monster. For this and a rather goofy if entertaining finale, I find this movie to be a decent and watchable picture that’s above some of the other 1950s fare.

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