Horrorfest 2017 Presents: Raw (2016, Julia Ducournau)

Although I have viewed different types of cannibal movies before, a lot of them sure were not the same as Raw, aka Grave, a French 2010s horror movie. I’ll spare you the biting puns and other taste jokes and note that this movie is still not for the faint of heart, and this is coming from someone who watches way too many horror movies. Julia Ducournau also fashions a haunting coming of age tale about womanhood and the desperate search to find ones’ self in college. I remember college and that’s hard enough for a man and very difficult for a young woman, I’m sure. Garance Marillier is fantastic as Justine, the movie’s central character.

Perhaps vet school wasn’t the best place for Justine to end up at, and things continue to spiral out of control when she meets up with her sister, Alexia (Ella Rumpf), who is older and more wild than Justine. Adrien (Rabah Naït Oufella) is the film’s male character who befriends Justine in more ways than one instead of running the other way. There is an arm biting scene that will probably make the squeamish groan in disgust, and several other scenes that even made me sit up and notice. I really want to view this movie again, and it deserves a longer review than I’m willing to pen at this time. Check it out as it’s one of the more stark and unforgettable horror movies of the 2010s. I have no idea if it is still on Netflix, and I always am down for more foreign cinema.

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