Horrorfest 2017 Presents: The Night Monster (1942, Ford Beebe)

The Night Monster is the kind of silly, fun early 1940s attempt at being scary monster movie that used to be big first in its own time and then later when featured on late night horror movie shows. Incidentally I viewed this flick on MeTV’s very own Svengoolie, and thus I saw the movie for free instead of on a streaming service. I didn’t think the movie was all that good, yet I wasn’t left bored and aspects of the flick were entertaining enough to keep my attention. Plus the cast features horror movie legends Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill.

The movie has it’s fair share of murder and mayhem, and the finale is pretty exciting although the movie takes a long time to get there and too many scenes drag. Compared to the other, better horror movies from the 1940s this one is much weaker, and I was left mostly disappointed. I wonder if perhaps a modern remake would be a good idea, or a movie that took this film’s concepts and tackled them in a much better fashion. The Svengoolie stuff was great though and he’s a fun horror host-the good ones always make me tune in no matter what the movie is every time.

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