Rant of the Day: Curb Your Dog!

I was walking Molly my goldenedoodle the other day and I noticed just how much dog crap was lying around everywhere. People do not curb their dogs in the winter or even in the warmer seasons and it’s disgusting. They’re making other dog owners look bad and lazy. Just bring some plastic bags and be prepared to wash your hands extra hard when you get home. It’s part of being a dog owner.

One solution is to yell at all the people who don’t pick up after their dogs. Me I’ll just keep on being a good dog owner which isn’t hard in theory but practice is a bit different. I doubt any cops will hand out fines for people not curbing their dogs. I mean even if they did people would still leave dog poop everywhere.

It’s also a biohazard issue, too which of course these people don’t care about. Folks always notice when civilization falls apart yet don’t pay attention to the little things that form cracks in the foundations.

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