Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Hannah, Queen of the Vampires aka Crypt of the Living Dead (1973, Julio Salvador, Ray Danton)

Despite having two titles for some reason and being mostly a slow burn, Crypt of the Living Dead is a solid 1970s horror movie. I would have liked more vampire moments from a vampire movie, still the final act is awesome and the movie builds up a good enough atmosphere. The beach ocean shots are kind of haunting, actually, and I was left satisfied by how the movie concluded.

A professor of archeology, Bolton, shows up on an island after his father horribly dies. Suspecting it was murder instead of an accident, he contends with both a local wildman and the ancient legend of a vampire woman entombed by the ocean. There is a torches scene that is a good example of the classic mob scene, and when the movie does have vampire related scenes they are well done. Some of this reminded me of a Hammer Studios movie, other parts were very Jean Rollin or Mario Bava. If you are going to borrow, do it from the best.

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