Horrorfest 2021: Head Count (2019, Ellie Callahan)

Head Count is not the first slasher movie to have mostly unlikable characters. Yet despite that I still cared about what happened to the people in this movie. Also this is as much a supernatural urban legend film as it is a slasher movie, and that aspects makes the movie work. The lead isn’t too bad, either-Evan (Issac Jay) is a college student who throws in with a group of other college students on vacation.

At least the desert location explains why the group can’t really call for help exactly. The location is used to great effect, and is as much a character as the actual people. Head Count seems to be inspired by urban legends such as Candyman, and weirdly the conclusion felt a tad rushed. Ashleigh Morghan is also great in this movie as Zoe, who Evan falls for early on in the movie.

Oh and this flick definitely sets up a possible sequel, particularly with how the movie ends. Even if this was merely decent I still liked this movie. I’m wondering if I should give this movie another viewing, and for now it’s on Shudder so I have that opportunity. Never read scary stories from the Internet out loud, I guess.

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