Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Mortuary (1983, Howard Avedis)

Mortuary starts off in a decent 1980s slasher movie fashion, even having a goofy seance moment. This movie has Bill Paxton and wastes his talents, descending midway through into a silly, weak mess of a movie. The characters are not very bright, and the obvious is ignored in favor of continuing the movie. Mary Beth McDonough’s Christie keeps telling her mom that someone is after her, and she responds by dismissing her daughter’s concerns as hysterical.

Personally if someone kept telling me someone is stalking them, I would believe them. However that probably would have cut down the movie’s run time, I guess. Look I can abide dumb behavior in horror movies up to a point, yet this movie specializes in dumb behavior beyond annoyance. Sadly this was Christopher George’s final movie, which is a shame as he was a really good actor not afraid to take any role. He’s not even given a chance to ham it up here or have much of a presence beyond a lame father role.

There are much better 1980s slashers, ones that are more fun or actually frightening. Mortuary is a disappointment, and even the last act stinks. The worst thing about this movie is that isn’t not even bad enough to be more than forgettable. In a year all I will have to remind me I ever saw it is this review.

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