Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Black Roses (1988, John Fasano)

Black Roses is one of those 1980s cult movies that you either think is fun or you feel is really dumb. I thought it was sort of both, and even though I can’t say I recommend this movie at all I still enjoyed it here and there. The movie has a goofy charm that makes it watchable at least, and the songs are actually pretty decent for a silly horror movie.

The Devil’s music comes to a small town, causing the kids to all go insane and murder the adults. I watched a dad get killed by a record player, and also witnessed the most ridiculous gun kill in the history of cinema. Plus one kid runs his own mother over and another tosses a guy out a window!

The main teacher, Matt (John Martin) ends up having to fight one demon monster and then battle the evil rock band on their own stage near the end. I can honestly say I have now viewed a movie that only exists thanks to 1980s Satanic panic and people thinking rock and roll is, well, the Devil’s music. Stay in school, kids!

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