Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Prevenge (2016, Alice Lowe)

Life sometimes imitates art, as in the case of Prevenge, which Alice Lowe made while actually pregnant with her own child. In this film her unborn child propels her to seek violent revenge against those responsible for her beloved’s demise. Or at least that’s how she feels, as she goes on an epic murder spree. This film is as much a dark comedy as it is a slasher movie, and some parts are quite humorous.

I think my favorite part was Ruth taking care of a businesswoman who foolishly does not hire her. Some of the movie doesn’t quite work, however by the unexpected conclusion I had mostly bought onto what Prevenge was offering. You don’t have to be a woman about to give birth to appreciate a film like this, although I bet it probably helps a little or a lot.

A final coda is that the unborn baby telling Ruth to kill is very Friday the 13th, and Ruth not being afraid to kill those who also offend her is very American Psycho. I can admire a film that leans on the influences that add to the overall makeup and texture, and Lowe has a pretty good directing look and feel for an actor moving to behind the camera. Viewed on Shudder and recommended.

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