Everything Will Kill You

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That dog is way cooler than me.

I innocently Googled air fresheners today and found out they are actually bad for you. I’m eating French fries which doctors say will shorten your lifespan and also, well, kill you. Everything will kill you. Animals will kill you. People will kill you. Death will kill you. There’s a fine amount of knowledge about all the ways people can die horribly.

Sure there is a fine line between sensible facts and outright fear mongering, yet the latter sure makes for good clickbait. In fact the media seems to prefer scaring the crap out of people. Then there are those who use fear to harm others, particularly people spewing baseless conspiracy theories about vaccines which could help people. Not just in regard to covid ones, too.

Hmm “Everything Will Kill You” actually sounds like a pretentious 1990s alt rock album. I think having a healthy balance of fear and rational belief could work. Or just go with fear and loathing, it did work out for a certain famous writer…

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