Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Don’t Breathe (2016, Fede Álvarez)

If you and two friends are breaking into a blind guy’s house, you might be in a horror movie. This is the plot of Don’t Breathe, which is an intense and suspenseful flick that is literally a bottle episode of a TV show turned into a full length feature movie. Stephen Lang is the blind man with some dark secrets, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovattop play the trio of house thieves. I’m reminded of the old adage about not messing with people because eventually you end up finding one who messes with you back. Surprise!

I liked how things go from bad to worse really quickly in this movie. Fede Álvarez does a fine job of creating a movie that makes you unsure of who to root for, which I thought was a risky choice that pays off. Even though this movie doesn’t go beyond its limitations, I still dig it a lot. I also liked his Evil Dead movie, although I prefer Don’t Breathe to that one. I hope that he keeps getting to make movies in the near future.

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