Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Blood Diner (1987, Jackie Kong)

Blood Diner easily fits the definition of “Good trash.” I’m not sure it was a good movie, yet I was entertained and it has the weird charm element that seems to be a part of typical cult cinema. I’m still amused that I found this on Hulu of all places, yet Hulu decided to feature some horror movies this time around. Two brothers and their uncle’s brain decide to summor the goddess Sheetar, using the corpses of people they kill. If that sounds familiar, think of the cult flick Blood Feast.

Really Blood Diner feels like a natural sequel to that movie, only with two people instead of one offering up sacrifices to some ancient god. In this case it is a goddess, and she requires blood, people, and a virgin to be eaten later. Which makes the fact that the brothers run a vegetarian diner all the more amusing. Rick Burks and Carl Crew are both hilarious and creepy as the two brothers, tracked by cops LaNette LaFrance and Roger Dauer.

At some point there is a club scene with a Nazi band, and one of the brothers wrestles a Nazi in the ring. I’m not sure what the hell that was about, and neither aspects seem to fit in the movie. However the club scene escalates rather quickly, and this movie has plenty of guts, gore and body parts. They don’t make these quite like they used to anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing. “First they great you, then they eat you!”

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