2020 Music Log

Here we go again! All songs from my beloved public library unless noted.


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1. And the Anonymous Nobody.., De La Soul-8.5
2. 13 Songs, Fugazi-9.5
3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Various Artists-10.0
4. Tijuana Moods, Charles Mingus-9.0
5. Ready To Die, Notorious BIG-9.5


6. Lotta Sea Lice, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile-9.0
7. If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, The Mamas & the Papas-10.0
8. Singles, New Order-9.5
9. Chelsea Girl, Nico-9.0
10. Aerosmith, Aerosmith-8.5
11. Speak Like a Child, Herbie Hancock-10.0
12. Nothing Fragile, Bachman Turner Overdrive-9.0
13. Thank Your Lucky Stars, Beach House-9.5
14. On The Third Day, Electric Light Orchestra-9.5
15. Soul Station, Hank Mobley-8.5


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16. Eye In The Sky, The Alan Parsons Project-8.0
17. Cosmic Thing, The B52’s-10.0
18. Blue Train, John Coltrane-9.0
19. Time Out Of Mind, Bob Dylan-8.0
20. Out of the Blue, Electric Light Orchestra-10.0
21. Pony, Orville Peck-9.5 *YouTube*


Listening to music can make you healthy, happy, and wise

22. Mask, Bauhaus-9.5 *YouTube*
23. Miles In The Sky, Miles Davis-8.5 *YouTube*
24. Turbulence, Miami Nights 1984-9.5 *YouTube*
25. Redline, Lazerhawk-8.5 *YouTube*


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26. Total Devo, Devo-7.0 *YouTube*
27. Viet Cong, Viet Cong-9.0 *YouTube*
28. Hounds of Love, Kate Bush-9.5 *YouTube*
29. Sonic Youth EP, Sonic Youth-7.5 *YouTube*
30. American Water, Silver Jews-9.5 *YouTube*
31. Strange Trails, Lord Huron-8.5 *YouTube*
32. Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Duran Duran-8.5 *YouTube*
33. This Old Dog, Mac Demarco-9.0 *YouTube*
34. 2, Mac Demarco-9.0 *YouTube*


35. They Call Me Country, Sanford Clark-10.0 *YouTube*
36. Animals, Pink Floyd-9.5 *YouTube*
37. Script of the Bridge, The Chameleons-10.0 *YouTube*
38. Marquee Moon, Television-10.0 *YouTube*
39. Pink Flag, Wire-9.0 *YouTube*
40. Chairs Missing, Wire-9.5 *YouTube*
41. Worlds Apart, Saga-8.0 *YouTube*
42. The Dreaming, Kate Bush-8.5 *YouTube*
43. The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses-9.0 *YouTube*
44. Offering, Cults-8.5 *YouTube*
45. Man-Machine, Kraftwerk-9.5 *YouTube*
46. Warsaw, Joy Division-10.0 *YouTube*
47. Bad Brains, Bad Brains-9.5 *YouTube*


48. Starlite Walker, Silver Jews-8.5 *YouTube*
49. The Natural Bridge, Silver Jews-9.5 *YouTube*
50. 154, Wire-9.5 *YouTube*
51. Spirit of Eden, Talk Talk-9.0 *YouTube
52. Borderline, Asylum Party-9.5 *YouTube*
53. The Colour of Spring, Talk Talk-9.5 *YouTube*
54. Mere, Asylum Party-9.5 *YouTube*
55. Author! Author!, Scars-8.0 *YouTube*
56. Picture One, Asylum Party-10.0 *YouTube*
57. Haywire OST, David Holmes-9.0 *YouTube*


58. Nocturnal, The Midnight-9.5 *YouTube*
59. Love Panic, The Echo-Friendly-9.0 *YouTube*
60. Homeland, Middle Class-8.0 *YouTube*
61. Just Another Diamond Day, Vashti Bunyan-9.0 *YouTube*
62. Melted, Ty Segall-5.0 *YouTube*
63. Vaults of Eternity: Japan, The Mattson 2-9.5 *YouTube*
64. Lonely Generation, Echosmith-8.0 *Barnes & Noble*
65. Pyromania, Def Leppard-8.5 *Wal-Mart*


66. Planet Waves, Bob Dylan & The Band-9.0 *Barnes & Noble*
67. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John-9.5 *Wal-Mart*
68. The Information, Beck-9.0
69 Women in Music Pt. III, Haim-8.5
70. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey-9.0
71. Eight Miles High/Makes No Sense At All (4-Track Maxi-Single), Hüsker Dü-9.5
72. Wolf’s Law, The Joy Formidable-5.5


73. The Nylon Curtain, Billy Joel-9.5
74. Mirage, Fleetwood Mac-9.0
75. Minor Threat, Minor Threat-9.0
76. The Monkees, The Monkees-9.0
77. Everything All The Time, Band of Horses-9.0 *YouTube*
78. Foreplay, Mild Orange-9.5 *YouTube*
79. Nothing to Fear, Oingo Boingo-8.5
80. Flash Gordon OST, Queen-9.5
81. Cease to Begin, Band of Horses-9.0 *YouTube*


82. Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago-9.5
83. Rain Dogs, Tom Waits-9.0
84. After Hours, The Weeknd-9.5
85. Popular Songs, Yo La Tengo-4.5
86. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Neil Young and Crazy Horse-9.5
87. Blood Loss, Puma Blue-8.5 *YouTube*
88. Spell #6, Part Time-9.0 *YouTube*
89. Etazhi, Molchat Doma-9.5 *YouTube*
90. Floating, Sleep Party People-9.0 *YouTube*
91. One Way Ticket, The Nerves-8.0 *YouTube*
92. 80s Underground SynthWave & Minimal Wave Hits, Hot Nights Vol. 1, The Robot Scientists-9.5 *YouTube*
93. Night Lights, Gary Mulligan-9.0 *YouTube*


94. Roots, Ian Carr’s Nucleus-9.5 *YouTube*
95. Introduction, Witch-9.5 *YouTube*
96. Big Fun, Miles Davis-9.0 *YouTube*
97. Dreamlab9.0, Mythos *YouTube*
98. Bundles, Soft Machine-9.5 *YouTube*
99. Tim, The Replacements-10.0 *YouTube*
100. Avalon, Roxy Music-9.5 *YouTube*

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