Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Sweet Sixteen (1983, Jim Sotos)

Midway through Sweet Sixteen I was wondering if I was viewing a slasher film or a teen drama. This movie is sexist, racist and very dumb, and maybe if it was well made and a good movie I could possibly overlook some of that. However those aspects just make the movie worse. I did like the brother and sister who were the sheriff’s kids, and they should have been the focus of the movie instead.

This movie abuses slow motion more than action movies and sports films. Also it had Patrick Macnee, because he needed a paycheck, and Dana Kimmell, who was much better in Friday the 13th Part 3. The film focusing so much on the main girl, played by Aleisa Shirley serves the narrative but was the nude scene with her necessary?

Oh and the song for her is cheesy and not in a good way. Perhaps I have seen too many slashers and thus am starting to loose my tolerance for the trashy ones. Skip this, watch something, anything better instead.

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