Going Through the Backlog

Over the years I have purchased a good number of movies. However I often suck at getting around to watching them. Well quarantine and my desire to see which ones deserve to stick around despite streaming existing is causing me to catch up. Also some of these are rewatches.

Die Hard collection-Viewed! Watch all but 5!
Labyrinth SE-Rewatch!
SOTD/HF/WE-Finally saw WE!
Platoon-Looong overdue
The Big Trail-Yeeehaw!
Oblivion-The Cruise meets M83
Rock ‘n’ Roll High School-Ramones!
Fort Apache-The west is pretty
Silent Night, Deadly Night-Killer Santa
The Legend of Billy Jean-Fair is fair
The Misfits-Twilight of the Idols
Cowboy Bebop The Complete Series-Last rewatch, honest!
Dead Or Alive trilogy-Wicked
Massacre Gun
Crimes of Passion
True Detective S2
ANOES Collection
Cinema Paradiso
Back To The Future trilogy
George Carlin
Luther boxset
Hannibal boxset
A Fish Called Wanda-Fishtastic
The Great Escape-Took me a decade and a half
Ben Hur-Heston will have his revenge
Legend of the Lost-Meh
Sparticus-We are all him etc etc
A Night At The Opera-Musical Comedy
Seven Psychopaths-Dark meta
Kingdom of Heaven-Badass
Minority Report-Cruise runs for his life
Amelie-Still marvelous
12 Monkeys-Time travel is a flat circle
Dogma-Angels! God! Prophets! Oh my!
Major Payne/Sgt. Bilko-Double bill of comedy

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