Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016, A. D. Calvo)

As much as I liked Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl I felt certain aspects were a bit too slow burning even for someone like me who enjoys slow burn movies. Oh and I am not sure if this was really a horror movie or not, although it does build up a nice eerie atmosphere that almost suffocates the viewer. I understood the themes of alienation and well, loneliness, yet the relationship between Adele and Beth (Erin Wilhelmi and Quinn Shephard, both who are excellent in this film) goes from being one of equals to Beth exorcising extreme control over Adele’s life. The film’s bleak looking tone was a good touch, as is a few good jump scares that work effectively.

I am not a big fan of the last act however, yet I still think the movie is pretty well made and is really good. Perhaps I was left a bit unsatisfied and I felt that the rest of the movie did not completely support what happens. I enjoyed the quiet moments when Adele and Beth seemed to connect, the parts that felt at home in a movie that would be quite different from Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl. I also was reminded of the cult classic Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, which is a good thing. Based on that final scene A.D. Calvo could make a sequel, yet I like it when horror movie directors decide one is enough and move on to something new.

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