Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Demons 2 (1986, Lamberto Bava)

Even though Demons 2 lacks the originality of the first Demons movie (Lamberto Bava even uses people from the first film in this one!) I still liked it as a sequel. Besides the demon coming out of the TV part is freaky, and there is even a demon baby that terrorizes people. The movie theater sitting of the original has been replaced by an apartment complex that faces an evil onslaught of demonic forces, threatening to ruin everyone’s nice evening. One girl who becomes taken over by the evil proceeds to attack her fellow party goers, the end result of which is an orgy of violence in a parking garage that is rather apocalyptic.

I don’t honestly recall any of the characters from this one, although there is once again a guy and a girl desperately trying to stay alive through all of the chaos. Oh and the last act is equally nuts-in fact I felt that Bava was trying to up the original by including plenty of mayhem and freaky moments in this installment. One thing I do miss that the original did well is the soundtrack, although there are some good music tunes in Demons 2 as well. Never underestimate the Italians’ talent at making super gory horror movies with plenty of monsters and carnage along the way.

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