Caught In The Crossfire

Stevie Ray Vaughan was an artist. Oddly his classic track “Crossfire” has a bit of reference to our current situation. I figured I would use my main blog to discuss some of the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on my store and save the politics for my other blog. March isn’t even over yet and it feels like the longest month of my life.

Things started pretty well-I enjoyed my birthday, went to my favorite bar and watched some movies. Then as the panic set in, things went to shit quickly over the next couple of weeks. I noticed something was up when I came into work and we were insanely busy on a Monday of all days. I mean usually 5-7 is when we have the most traffic, but this was ridiculous.

Then later that night after spending hours on the registers I walked through the aisles. It looked like a hurricane hit the whole place.

When I made it to the paper/dog food aisle, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

I mean, this is insane. Almost a week and a half later and we are still out of so many different things. Toilet paper goes in literally five minutes as does bread, ramen, hand sanitizer and wipes are completely gone. We were sold out of eggs last Tuesday, although we got more in thankfully. Milk is still ok because people can’t completely hoard that. Although I imagine people have tried elsewhere.

I responded last week by filling up my gas tank (thanks to falling gas prices and Fuel Saver it was really cheap) and buying some food of mine own. I am ok on toilet paper for now but I had to grab some last Friday. Things have died down a bit, however I wonder if that is because a lot of people are not leaving their homes. Luckily most customers have been understanding, and I have even gotten thank you’s from people appreciating that we are staying open.

For now I am desperately trying to fill the shelves with whatever we have or get in and helping people find things. I do worry that I will end up getting sick, and I worry that by staying open we are risking people getting sick. However for now all I can do is keep on trucking, I guess and stay inside on my off days. There’s no where to go and nothing to do anyways.

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