Horrorfest 2019 Presents: I Drink Your Blood (1970, David E. Durston)

I Drink Your Blood is the kind of cheesy 1970s explotation title I expected from a low budget 1970s horror movie. Yet I ended up really liking this cheesy, gory, violent and even kind of fun low budget 1970s horror movie. It even may have inspired other later, better made horror movies. Having rabid zombies attack the living because a kid tried to get revenge on evil hippies is the type of movie I can enjoy.

Evil hippies turn into murderous zombie monsters because they raped a kid’s sister and beat up his grandpa. The small town ends up being overrun by killer people infected by rabies, driven to harm the innocent. I found out about I Drink Your Blood thanks to Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell, another fun cult movie that celebrates fun cult movies. This flick has decent characters, plenty of old fashioned mayhem and is even shocking at times. 8.5 out of 10, check it out as good ole Joe Bob Briggs likes to say.

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