Horrorfest 2019 Presents: De Lift (1983, Dick Maas)

De Lift or The Lift in English is a really dumb movie that I wish had worked. It does not because a killer elevator sounds way cooler in concept than in the execution. Also this movie is very limited in what it offers, which in some cases is a good thing but here it works against Dick Maas’ cult flick. This is too bad since I rather enjoyed and liked Amsterdamned, which is a much better effort from Mr. Maas. Perhaps De Lift was a nice tuneup, a way for him to experiment a little.

De Lift is not entirely bad, however-in fact I thought it was an okay movie. Huub Stapel is good in this as well as Amsterdamned, and Willeke van Ammelrooy has decent chemistry with him. Normally I am ok with less is more, yet this film would have oddly benefitted from more gore and a higher body count. If you want to see a movie where a man shoots at an elevator, then this your kind of film.

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