Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Hell Night (1981, Tom DeSimone)

Linda Blair was one of those cool actresses who ended up being typecast in too many horror movies. I blame The Exorcist films, however maybe she was destined to be a scream queen. She and everyone else in Hell Night (1981) do scream a lot, which is what you do when a crazed monster maniac (say that five times fast) terrorizes you and your dumb friends. Deciding to go into what is clearly not an abandoned mansion that was the site of a massacre is a bad idea in real life, but in a horror movie it is downright fatal. If only these college kids had stayed home instead. That would make a for a really short movie..

Most of the characters in this movie sucked, yet Blair and Peter Barton have some decent chemistry together. The kills were good I guess yet this movie cannot decide if it wanted to be a haunted house movie or a slasher film. In the end it does neither particularly well, however I still thought it was ok. Some movies are simply that.

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