Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Cannibal Girls (1973, Ivan Reitman)

I had no idea that Ivan Reitman made a horror comedy movie in the 1970s, called Cannibal Girls. Tubi TV has brought this to my attention and despite some obvious low budget limitations I still enjoyed this one. Primarily because it starred Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin as a couple stranded in a small town run by cannibals! The humor is a bit thick at times yet the kills are eerie and the pacing is solid. I wonder if maybe this film helped serve as a semi-dress rehearsal for Ghostbusters, although perhaps not. There are also a few quite gory scenes that I did not expect, and one sequence that offered up a surprise.

Oh and the movie oddly works as a feminist take on slasher films, primarily since in this case the men are the victims and the women are the killers. Cannibal Girls is easily a candidate for a late night drive in movie, or a flick that would be featured on one of those old school movie host programs. Also this is one of those movies that has the wonderfully creepy cliche (which it probably helped invent) of the townspeople being in on the whole thing. If this movie doesn’t make you consider being a vegetarian or inspire you to avoid small towns altogether, well…

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