Horrorfest 2019 Presents: The Ranger (2018, Jennifer Wexler)

A blast of 100% punk fueled insanity, Jennifer Wexler’s The Ranger is what happens when a man takes his job way too seriously. In this case it is a park ranger who is derranged and obsessed with a girl from his past. Her friends and her are on the run from the law, going from one bad situation to an even worse one. The Ranger insists she is a wolf, yet she refuses to believe him.

I like the brutal kills, the radical soundtrack, and the creepy lead performance from Jeremy Holm, matched up against an equally great one from Chloe Levine. If you want a movie that mixes 80s punk with 80s slashers, then this is the film for you. Despite being low budget Wexler manages to create something unique and creepy. I also liked the wilderness setting, which only added to the film’s isolation driven atmosphere.

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