They’re playing Basketball



I haven’t heard that song in years. I can’t recall the last time I discussed basketball or sports on this blog, so I figured the start of the NBA Finals would be a perfect time to cover one of my favorite sports. My major problems with the sport aside (lack of calling traveling, bad foul calls, and a lack of serious competitive parity) I have been a fan since I was old enough to dribble. Although my ball handing skills are rather poor, I was able to shoot the three okay when I was younger and less heavier. I love college basketball more, and that is a separate column that will have to wait until next year. Since the NBA has been a joke for some time in terms of the Warriors being the clear cut easy to pick champ (that 3-1 blown lead against the Cavaliers and LeBron aside), I sometimes bandwagon hop while sticking with two squads: the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns.

This post season I went with the Milwaukee Bucks, however they choked against the stupid Raptors, so I do not have any problems with the Warriors being victorious again. Also I am hoping that leads to Kevin Durant leaving in free agency, although that is unlikely to happen. Do I have the Warriors in 4 games? Nah, I will go with six for a conservative pick, if only because KD is banged up and the Warriors have looked semi-mortal during their current post season run. Kawhi Leonard has literally carried Toronto during their playoff run, so it should be fun to see if he can keep it up. I doubt he gets enough help to make that happen.


Well this was horribly wrong, although I did not expect Klay Thompson to get injured. Props to the Raptors for showing up.

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