Horrorfest 2018 Presents: We Always Find Ourselves In The Sea (2017, Sean Hogan)

Image result for we always find ourselves in the sea

Despite turning into more of a gore hound over the years, I am still a huge fan of ghost stories. A well made one such as We Always Find Ourselves In The Sea is to be savored, and many others have been among the best horror flicks I have ever seen. However Sea is merely very good, although that is more due to being a short film that could have been a little more fleshed out into a longer feature. I did enjoy the lack of explanation, however it does leave one feeling a little unsatisfied. My other issue is that the acting was merely okay, although this was probably a low budget outing and so that aspect can be excused.

The director, Sean Hogan, uses a more damp color scheme to illustrate the loneliness and isolation of the sea front area where the film takes place. The fact that this occurs on Christmas adds to the moody atmosphere, and there are some very creepy moments that I liked. I have not viewed a ton of horror shorts, preferring instead to view horror anthologies that are collections of those, and I think I shall try to watch more. Especially since Shudder has a bunch and there are a few other horror sites that contain short form movies that attempt to scare or gross out the viewer in a quicker time frame.

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