Horrorfest 2018 Presents: Teenage Zombies (1960, Jerry Warren)

Okay, two things: first I watched this movie after I came home from the bar, so I was drunk and tired (and no I used Uber. Don’t drink and drive, folks). Second, I watched Teenage Zombies for free on TubiTv, a great resource. Unfortunately there is a reason Teenage Zombies is free, because it sucks. TubiTV has some great flicks on there, and others I need to see, and yet because it was October and I was in the mood I picked a horror film that sounded cool, but was not cool. Very lame, actually. So lame that I will admit I did not even finish the movie; I think I have 40 minutes or less left, and yet I am not sure I care to watch the rest. This is a movie that would easily qualify for numerous “Make fun of the movie” shows, and yet I don’t think it was ever mocked because few are probably aware of its existence.

This has awful acting and poor special effects, and I am reminded that Hammer Studios and other, better filmmakers covered this same territory without coming off as a production you would expect from your really bored friends armed with their parents movie camera. Every Horrorfest I end up viewing a movie that I forget before the credits roll, and this time delicious IPA’s failed to enhance the viewing experience. Skip this. Also a movie with Teenage Zombies in the title should really have, I don’t know, multiple and numerous zombies. When a movie lies, it deserves to be dragged.

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