Horrorfest 2018 Presents: Curtains (1983, Richard Ciupka)

Despite some noticeable issues with its production, Curtains still has enough good moments to make it worth viewing. John Vernon is wonderfully sleazy while Samantha Eggar comes off as both obsessive and vengeful as the muse Vernon betrays. The women who gather at his mansion to obtain the role that Eggar feels was promised to her all fall under the threat of a creepy mask wearing killer. This film even throws in a memorable ice skating scene for good measure, a scene that is the film’s highlight.

Based on what I have seen, Canadian horror has some good slasher films, and despite its faults Curtains is decent enough to consider viewing. Also Lynne Griffin and Maury Chaykin make notable appearances. I guess anyone desperate enough to make it in Hollywood would literally kill for a major role. Show business is a tough one, indeed.

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