Horrorfest 2018 Presents: The Meg (2018, Jon Turteltaub)

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a big dumb action comedy horror film that has Jason Statham battling a giant prehistoric shark. He even has help from a wide cast of people ranging from Li Bingbing to Robert Taylor. Rainn Wilson is along for the ride as the comic relief, and The Meg actually has a fairly diverse cast. Also the creature effects are pretty good despite being mostly CGI, and I did love the underwater scenes. Besides how can you hate a movie that has Statham singing “Just keep swimming” while dealing with a huge shark? It never hurts to turn your brain off sometimes, although this film is more clever than some critics think.

Besides there are a few good jump scare moments, and the film is smart enough to have a good pace and run time. While this should have been an R rated gore fest, The Meg has enough to keep most entertained. Also the little girl who plays Bingbing’s daughter is beyond adorable, and is the highlight of the film. The ocean is full of terrors, so they say, and even wonders. As long as mankind never awakens something hidding in the deep.

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