Horrorfest 2018 Presents: Daughters of Darkness (1971, Harry Kümel)

Daughters of Darkness is one of those slow burnining, atmospheric erotic films where there is a horror plot, yet its just an excuse to feature nudity and blood. This is a Belgian vampire film with hardly any vampire moments, yet I still liked it, much as I also liked Jean Rollin’s The Shiver of the Vampires. Both movies have plenty of style, yet I prefer Kümel’s film more: it has better acting and even better pacing. I also can see where the possible inspiration for The Hunger (1983) came from, a film that is superior to the ones I have mentioned. Sometimes the student becomes the master, a common theme in many horror films.

A couple seemingly in love journey to a haunting and stunning hotel in the middle of nowhere. There is a gorgeous older woman who does not age, and talk of brutal murders. Things come to a head eventually, but not before we get eerie moments and a scene that is one of the film’s most interesting. Sure this film is the typical style over substance and maybe I liked it more than I should have. Vampire movies can be added to my list of horror subgenres I seem to adore, despite their obvious flaws.

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