That Really Gets On My Nerves…

George Carlin is not wrong

Maybe its because I am now in my 30’s but I notice more things people do that get on my nerves. Known as “Pet Peeves,” they cause me to create a list of items that annoy me and many other people. Such things come to mind as chewing gum too loud, leaving gum on the sidewalk for people to step in, leaving gum on the bottom of seats and chairs, blowing gum bubbles that pop and leave a mess, gum in general. Gum is one of the most pointless inventions of all time: if you want to make your breath smell better, get a mint. If you are trying to quit smoking, good for you but do you have to choose something else that is equally annoying and messy? I guess gum doesn’t smell bad, yet it still is awful and of course people think its rude if you refuse an offer of gum but I don’t want your stupid gum. Also people who cannot be quiet in a library, its not hard and its a requirement. I guess I type too loud and that gets on people’s nerves too, and I am typing this very loudly in a public setting so I am also part of the problem.

I abide slow walkers to a point, then I wonder why they can’t move faster if they either my age or younger, or are clearly not old people hobbled by life. I also loathe those who drag their feet, especially if they wear flip flops. Flip flops are okay, however if you are too tired to avoid clomping around loudly then go home. No one wants to hear you making a loud dragging noise in public, or anywhere for that matter. This brings me to people loudly talking on their phones or using those stupid hands free devices that make them look as if they are talking to themselves. I actually like people who use headphones until they can’t hear me asking them if they need help finding something at my store, then its annoying. At least they are not those people who come in blasting loud music and not caring if everyone can hear it, which makes it harder to ring people out at the register. Its a pretty douche bag thing to do, as is abusing speakers on cars that make it so I can hear your music all the way inside. No one wants to be subjected to your shitty taste in music.


Oh and I am guilty of this one too but everyone being on their phones while eating out with others is rude, and screams “I can’t pull away from social media for five seconds to talk to you.” Perhaps you should hang out with more interesting people, or go somewhere better, or maybe you shouldn’t be so dull. Also no one cares if you post pictures of your food, everyone else does this and its really lame. Which brings me also to smoking, a habit that is thankfully being stamped out everyone, and also being too impatient to wait in line, or bringing way too many items to the express lane. I also roll my eyes when I find carts left right in front of the door of my store, which means those people were too lazy to even bring it back inside or put it in the cart wrangler outside. Not to mention the customers who leave products all over the store, particularly ones that need to be refrigerated and thus go bad. I could pen an entire column about my work pet peeves, yet I choose to save that for another time. The human race is mostly annoying, I wonder when we are going to Mars…

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