Communication Breakdown

I love that song. Great album. Today after driving my roommate to work I heard a DJ on a local radio station talking about millennials. Apparently work places are having their older workers do bullshit sounding work exercises to better connect with younger workers. As a 30 year old retail employee who deals often with people almost half his age or young college kids, I think that’s a stupid idea. Look whatever happened to just talking to people, getting to know them better? I could blame the Internet and smartphones for this lack of connection, yet I just come off as a grumpy old man.

No its simple: find something people can relate to, or just listen to people when they talk to you. I’m an anti social asshole and even I understand that talking and listening to people isn’t difficult. Maybe its because I do it on a regular basis, which means that retail is mostly good for forcing people to act like human beings. Well at least half of the time. Some of the time? Okay a forth of the time.


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