Owner of a Lonely Facebook

One of the negatives about Facebook is that you add people that you are never going to see again, just to keep in contact with them. There is utilizing the app to keep in touch and then there is “Well at least I have that person who moved away for good on my friend’s list.” Which brings to mind Fight Club’s “Self-serving friends” even though the goal is to continue being that person’s friend and not losing touch. 

Yet Facebook seems to encourage and further this behavior, also leading to multiple acquaintances who one is either too lazy or too polite to unfriend. Even worse is those who keep unfriending and the  friending back people who they regularly interact with in real life. That’s beyond silly and while I don’t engage in such behavior I know too many who do on a regular basis. 

If there is a point to this rant it is that the Internet encourages poor choices. I think in the future I shall try to pick wisely. The fear that a website meant to bring people together is in fact making it easier for people to stay fragmented. The introverts have taken over cyberspace and everyone seems to have fallen suit. Time for me to get off the phone and find some real friends in the real world. 


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