Horrorfest 2015 Presents: Twixt (2011, Francis Ford Coppola)

Despite no longer being at the top of his game Francis Ford Coppola still manages to make films worth seeing. Twixt  despite its weak aspects is still watchable and not too bad, either. The cast helps, with Bruce Dern as a local sheriff, Val Kilmer as an alcoholic writer and Elle Fanning as a mysterious girl wandering around town.

Kilmer plays Hall Baltimore, a writer in town who with the help of the local sheriff uncovers material for a new book. He also derives inspiration from his weird dreams featuring the undead and Edgar Allen Poe. In a way Coppola is using this film to comment on authorship and trying to create new works, something that is difficult. Even so this doesn’t excuse the film’s uneven pacing and sketchy characters.

Although I was engaged at times the film doesn’t quite work and I’m reminded that sadly Coppola isn’t who he used to be as a director. Baltimore seems to be too much of an apt representation of Coppola, which is a shame because we all remember the man who give us masterworks in the 1970s. Perhaps it’s best for the legends to hang it up before they run the risk of fading away.

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