Horrorfest 2015 Presents: Society (1989, Brian Yuzna)

Ever felt as if you didn’t belong, even though you had it all? Bill is rich and is at the top of the world, yet he he has these sweat causing nightmares that convince him nothing is okay. Something is wrong. Very wrong. Unfortunately for young Bill he is about to discover just how correct he is about his fears. What lurks beneath the shinny happy life that Bill is a part of in the upper class suburbs. The truth is far more disturbing that he could ever realize.

Brian Yuzna was responsible for some of the Re-Animator films and he jumped at the chance to create a unique film. Despite Society being a soap opera it is still an eerie movie that works fairly well. Billy Warlock is great as Bill, playing the character straight and conveying his youthful terror and suspicions quite well. Also Yuzna can’t help but include body horror and a scene that is one of the most disgusting of all time. I won’t even try to figure out who the villians of the movie are. Worm people? Beings from another world?

Well at the very least I would prefer lizard people over them. That’s for sure. For our sakes I hope it’s all fiction. Also you can’t hate on a horror movie with special effects done by Screaming Mad  George. Too bad that there wasn’t a franchise made out this film since Yuzna had some interesting, if obvious, ideas. He also is not afraid to go to dark and gross places, which is a plus.



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