Farewell Mr. Bowie

Well he’s gone. 69 years isn’t long enough and he had kept making records, dropping an album off before he departed this mortal plain. David Bowie was so many things and he always kept changing that it’s hard to categorize the man. It’s what he probably wanted, to be this chameleon who feared being left by pop culture. The man shaped his own time, going from humble beginnings to at the top of the charts.

What he means to me can be summed up in his famous Life By Request that he did on A&E years back. Taking a call from a fan named George and smiling while doing so made us realize the shinning idol was after all, human. I refused to accept this since he didn’t seem to age, and thus we were all taking a legend for granted. Something everyone is guilty of from time to time, not comprehending that they could be gone any moment. I wish I could have seen him in concert. So do many others.

When I was a younger man I discovered Bowie through his radio hits, and as I age I have begun to explore his albums. Getting to rediscover his work and also experience songs of his I haven’t heard before is a rare pleasure that is afforded every music fan. Despite him being gone we’ll have his music, films and that great style to recall him by. I’m reminded of Space Oddity, one of my favorite songs from him. “And I’m floating in a tin can far above the world/Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…”


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