King of the Monsters


Back when I was in middle school I bought my first movie. It was on VHS and it was titled King Kong vs Godzilla. Made in 1963, it was Toho Studios featuring the big green guy against the huge monkey as they rampaged across Japan. Having viewed this movie numerous times since my purchase I can fairly say that its a favorite of mine. And that despite being one of the lesser entries in the series it is responsible for me becoming a Godzilla fan. Although I will admit that only over the last couple of years I have viewed more of the films. I have seen both of the American modern entries in theaters also, with the  1998 version being terrible while the latest one was fantastic. 

This year I spent Memorial Day weekend and the rest of the year viewing every Godzilla film that was on Netflix Instant Viewing. Some were rather disappointing (Godzilla’s Revenge and Godzilla Returns) while others were really cool (Godzilla vs Mothra). I’ve thus gained a deeper appreciation for a movie icon that has been around for over 60 years. What I like about the old school Godzilla movies is how they are wonderfully simplistic and yet manage to be highly entertaining. Also Ishro Honda is a constant director involved in the series, as he did create Godzilla with the original classic.


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