March Madness is the greatest time of the year. It’s as if they had the World Cup and the Olympics happen yearly. Although I don’t have time to watch all the games anymore there have been times in the past where I tuned in for a majority of the NCAA Tournament. I got hooked on the tourney in 1995 and I have filled out a bracket every year since 2003 I think.

While I’m not informed enough to post about all my picks I will say that I’m going with Arizona this year to win it all. Yep I have a serious bias-at least I admit it. More than likely the Kentucky Wildcats will go undefeated. Besides while I have picked the overall winner three out of the last four years most of the time my bracket dies by the second weekend at the latest. There are just too many random factors to account for and its damn near impossible to pick all of the games right. That doesn’t mean people don’t go for the million or billion dollar bracket challenges. I might even give it a shot. But probably not since they send you email advertisements.