Music Log 2015

I’m going to attempt this again as previously logs went un-updated. Ratings out of ****


1. Failure, The Posies-**
2. Turn Blue,  The Black Keys-*** 1/2
3. Kind Of Blue, Miles Davis-****
4. Birth of the Cool, Miles Davis-*** 1/2
5. Document (25th Anniversary Edition), R.E.M.-****
6. No Cities To Love, Sleater Kinney-***
7. Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis-***
8. Round About Midnight, Miles Davis-****
9. Zuma, Neil Young-*** 1/2
10. Definitely Maybe, Oasis-****



11. In A Silent Way, Miles Davis-****
12. American Hustle OST, Various-***
13. Paranoid, Black Sabbath-****
14. Reflektor, Arcade Fire-****
15. Rated R, Queens of the Stone Age-*** 1


16. Raiders of the Lost Ark OST, John Williams-****
17. For The Whole World To See, Death-****
18. Dark Magnus: Live At Carneige Hall, Miles Davis-*** 1/2
19. Migrant, Deerhunter-** 1/2
20. The Physical World, Death From Above 1979-*** 1/2
21. Music From Big Pink, The Band-*** 1/2
22. Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey-*** 1/2
23. To Bring You My Love, P.J. Harvey-*** 1/2
24. 1989, Taylor Swift-***
25. Rocky Horror Picture Show OST, Various-****


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