PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?! Wild Card Weekend Edition

Time to share my awful NFL playoff picks with Internet. Commentary included of course.

*Carolina Panthers over Arizona Cardinals 21-13

The Cardinals have played badly due to losing multiple quarter backs. The Panthers are hosting a home game with a losing record. Carolina has the advantage with Cam Newton, a duel threat QB who will give Arizona’s defense problems. Someone get Larry Fitzgerald a good QB under center.

*Dallas Cowboys over Detroit Lions 27-23

Even though the Lions have Suh the Cowboys have a high flying offense. Matthew Stafford isn’t good enough to match Tony Romo, although DeMarco Murray hasn’t been playing well as of late. This should be a close hard fought contest.

*Pittsburgh Steelers over Baltimore Ravens 31-27

Neither team has a quality defense and even though Le’Veon Bell is injured the Steelers still have Ben Roelisberger to put up numbers. Joe Flacco is good but he’s turnover prone this season and hasn’t played well against top defenses. Antonio Brown will end up carrying the day in a game that will not be like previous playoff matchups between the two teams.

*Indianapolis Colts over Cincinnati Bengals 30-17

Andy Dalton has been nothing but awful in the playoffs. I just don’t see that changing, especially with A.J. Green injured. Plus Andrew Luck is great at home despite a poor run game to support him. The Colts defense will get enough stops to pull off the win.

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