Let’s Not Get Physical

Today I walked into a Target and I realized after spending an hour in the electronics department that there was very little that I wanted. I don’t need any of this crap-hell no one does-but I really believed this today. Maybe their selection is terribly limited at this point,  yet it’s always been limited. No instead I am realizing that physical media is almost dead, more zombiefied than anything else.

Well I will admit I thought about a Blu Ray player and I was wishing I had the money for a bigger TV. Gaming systems are nice however I have actual pressing monetary needs. Yet I still at times make a purchase-but these days its used. A lot of my CD collection is from Half-Priced Books and even then I’m considering buying music online.

The Cloud and digital downloads are making it less necessary to own physical copies of Blu Rays and DVDs. I’m awaiting a time when everything will be online, although we are practically at that point already. This is a good thing for us consumers yet bad news for the big chain stores. Best Buy in particular.


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