The Revolution is Here….Maybe?

Weeks have passed since a policeman in Fergunson, Missouri shot and killed a man. After that terrible moment people started protesting the fact that, well, a man was shot six times when he may not have even been guilty. This resulted in the police reacting in a manner benefitting a fascist, well, police state. The whole mess has left myself and others wondering exactly how something like this could even happen in America, which is supposed to be the land of the free. Never mind the growing income equality, the fact that many politicians are okay with measures that slash funding for much needed services or that racism hasn’t been magically conquered just because we, the people (well over half the voting population) elected an African American president. The hate that so many black people face every day never went away, and it speaks to the problems of overbearing police authority, the militarization of our police forces, and a growing divide between the haves and have not’s in this great country of ours.

So its no surprise that people have taken to the streets in protest, and I salute them for it although its sad that outsiders have looted and given those legitimately speaking their mind a bad name. Ferguson’s police has responded with tactics that make me ashamed and sad, angry and furious, left wondering what could possibly be going through their minds as they tear gas crowds that have also featured journalists and even a senator. Journalists by the way have been falsely imprisoned, as one journalist wrote about, in addition to being threatened by police. This is not what should be happening in America, the supposed land of the free, home of the brave. Also I’m rather depressed that people are actively supporting the policeman that shot Michael Brown, the dead man who was shot six times. I don’t care if Brown was attacking the policeman there is no need to shoot someone six times. Six goddamn times. I thought the police were supposed to try and apprehend suspects without killing them, but hey what the hell do I know? I’m just a civilian after all.

What is even more depressing is the thought that the police will not be held properly accountable for this beyond screwed up mess that has occurred. I do agree that the officer that shot Brown should have his day in court, although the trial if it even happens will probably take place miles away from Ferguson. Its both funny and tragic that before all this took place I didn’t even know where Ferguson, Missouri was or had even heard of such a place. However if we, the people do not take the lessons of this tragedy to heart such moments in time will unfortunately happen again. Its up to those in power to finally act and keep in mind that our country sadly has a long way to go before solving the problems of excessive authority, racism and prejudice.


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