It’s Hammer Time Presents: Night Creatures (1962, Peter Graham Scott)

The original title for this film is Captain Clegg and that sounds better yet in America they went with Night Creatures instead. Peter Cushing shows off his action hero abilities and with Oliver Reed and his loyal sidekick Mipps (played with gusto by Hammer Studios character actor Michael Ripper) he tricks the English while bootlegging to provide for the town he presides over as a seemingly humble priest. Of course Hammer Studios can’t resist putting in gothic horror elements yet Clegg is a famous hero and pirate in English fiction.

I really enjoyed this movie as it has plenty of thrills mystery and adventure. The night creatures are quite cool and it was fun to watch Cushing and his fellow outlaws outwit the English soldiers trying to arrest them. I do wish there had been more time spent on Clegg’s adventures-still this is a most wonderful movie. There is also a large amount of populism and wealth distribution in this film, as Clegg is responsible for the town not being bled dry by the overbearing English government’s taxes. The finale was also rather surprising and even a tad bittersweet, which is different from some of Hammmer Studios’ other movies.

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