You Talkin’ To Me?

As much as I love technology sometimes it’s advances can be rather annoying. Primarily the Bluetooth headsets, a device that has led to me wondering if people are talking to themselves while they are in fact communicating with another person over the phone. I’m reminded of The Boondocks where Gin Rummy keeps telling Ed to stop using his earpiece, as it made it hard for Gin to tell if Ed was even speaking to him.

This is even worse at my job, where unless I speak to the customers and they talk to me I can’t help them find what they are looking for. Just last week I almost thought a customer was talking to me, only to notice she was on her Bluetooth. That is a tad annoying, and a little creepy. Are we supposed to be so dialed in that even at the store we are talking on the phone? A once useful invention, like all good ones, is ripe for abuse.

Furthermore I don’t want to be Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, having to ask people “Are you talkin’ to me?” In a world where ccommunication is supposed to be more easier and widespread perhaps technology often reduces our ability to speak to one another as much as it enhances and enables us to get in touch with someone.



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