Behold A Pale Horse Chapter III

Hersh’s reply surprised Alex just a little, even though it was delivered in the old man’s usual graval tone. “Three years and not one phone call, email or letter? Not even a personal visit? And you want my help? Damn Alex your a cold bastard. Lucky for you we’re friends first partners second. Maybe it’s the other way around. Sure I’ll help you. I’m bored stupid and the wife nags something fierce.”

Alex frowned at first, then nodded and showed Hersh towards his car. “You still take cabs, or do you ride the bus these days?” Alex asked. “Well I prefer a cab yet the bus is cheaper. So the bus it is. Sure will be nice to have a driver again like the old days.”

While driving away Alex swore he saw a man spying, watching closely. This detail came to mind later on when the bullets whistled by and the smell of gunpowder filled the air. Turning away him and Hersh entered Alex’s beat up Ford Taurus and journeyed to Alex’s home in the suburbs.

Upon arrival Hersh was shown to Alex’s computer, ignoring the messy state of the entire house. “Old friend it’s time you hired a maid,” said Hersh as he chuckled at his own insult. Alex nodded and watched as Hersh examined his e-mails, scrolling down until he found the ones titled “Henry.”

“Of course whoever sent this has a bogus account. They have been threatening you for what, three months, and yet no attempt has been made to contact you? Strange..wait. New message: ‘Meet me at Chomsky Park. 9 PM. Don’t be late. No cops.’ Trap?”
“Oh yeah. Time to give Kyle a call? I know he’s not my biggest fan but let’s play it safe for now.”

Hersh signed and nodded as he walked to the kitchen. “Still got ’em? The time has come old friend.” “But of course buddy. Even cleaned them. Both are loaded and ready for action.” Alex opened a case and handed it to Hersh, who opened it and grinned as he pulled out a twin pair of .45 semi automatics. Closing the box and tucking it under his arm, Hersh said “Well its getting late. Best head home before the wife tears my head off. Call me after the meeting. Wish I could go.”

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