Behold A Pale Horse Chapter II

Calmly driving down the stretch of freshly paved road Alex maneuvered through cars too slow to get out of his way. He always drove as if he was in a hurry, usually going 10 or even 20 over the speed limit. Pedestrians were a nuance, and he despised jaywalkers as much as he cursed those who drove slow in the fast lane. Besides he wasn’t sure how much longer Hersh was going to wait, although Alex’s old partner admitted he had discovered patience in his ancient years. Hersh was never big on virtues or social graces.

Seeing the park in sight Alex took a right and parked his car neatly and slowly into the first open parking spot he saw. “Only assholes fail to park the right way…” he grumbled to know one in particular. “Still talking angrily to yourself after all these years? That figures,” said an gravelly voiced elderly gentleman dressed in a brown trench coat and wearing a sharp gray fedora. Alex smiled and waved as he walked over, glad to see a familiar face. “Hersh you haven’t changed a bit. Hopefully that’s true because I need your help for a change.”

Hersh grinned back and replied “You? Need my help? What kinda trouble you in old man?”

“The kind that requires a private eye. A true detective. Dogged and relentless. Even if he is retired and isn’t allowed to leave the house without begging his wife first.” Alex caught Hersh off guard with a joke geared to mask his serious request. Hersh didn’t take the bait even if the last part made him laugh.

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